D. Rent & Return Process

Can I rent more than one bike on same account (the same smartphone)?

No. You can rent only one bike at a time.

What to do if I rented a GeoVelo Opole bike but the lock does not open?

In that case try to open the lock manually or gently try moving the wheel. It will allow you to check if the lock is not blocked. If it doesn't work just end your journey in the App, and try a different bike. Please also help GeoVelo, and raport this issue.

How should I return the bike and end the rental?

When you find a right place to park, just close the lock on the back wheel and confirm your return in the GeoVelo Opole App.

Where can I return my bike?

You can return your bike in our bike stations or stop-off points which are marked on the map. You will easily locate a bike station by the bike stands where you ought to park your bike. In marked stop-off points you can park your bike leaving it on kick-stand. You can leave the bike elsewhere, for example pavements, however you will be charged extra 5 zł for that.

How to return a bike it when my phone run out of battery?

After your ride, lock the bike as usual. Then, as soon as possible, call our help desk to inform us about the return.

Can I rent the bike located on the pavement (beyond a parking station)?

Yes. Every locked bike, accessible on the GeoVelo App, can be rented anytime.