1. Download and Install GeoVelo Opole App

2. Register and top-up with a min of 20 pln (this incl. a one-off 10 pln registration fee)

3. Tap "Unlock Bike” and Go!

4. Once you are done with your ride, park the bike in any parking location available within our in-app map

5. Close the lock manually and press "End Ride". That's it :)


To unlock and rent a bike a minimum balance of 20,00 PLN on the User’s account (including 10,00 PLN registration fee) is required. This applies to the case when the User has a prepaid account (any subscription) or during the 20 minute-free ride.

Fees (without subscription)


first 20 min


each next minute


max fee per day

Fees with subscription

daily pass

9 day

monthly subscription

40 month

3-month subscription

80 3 months

annual subscription

160 year

Daily subscription plan allows to use a bike for 24 hours from the moment of purchasing.

Other subscription plans allow to rent the bike max. 2 times per day, provided that each rental is not longer than one (1) hour.

Download App

Download the App, unlock a bike and go, hit the road!